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Last Known Good Settings

Date Filament type, colour, brand First layer Other layers Notes
July 29, 2020 Generic PETG, Red and White Mini # has demonstrated an intermittent problem of with it's Z position. Some runs will start at the calibrated height and z-adjustment. Others will start even lower into the bed. This as result in back pressure, causing the extruder pulley to grind the filament. This has now happened 3 times with the red PETG filament. Cleaning of the extender pulley also showed build of up the white PETG as well. The PEI print sheet has been significantly damaged from this.

A support case will be opened with Prusa. A new PEI build sheet will be ordered.

Printer should NOT be used until after the support case with Prusa is resolved.

Maintenance Log[edit]

Most recent entries at the top.

Date Notes Entry By
July 29, 2020
  • Third filament jam. removed boden tube from extrude motor assemble, and was able to pull the filament out form both ends. No disassemble was required.
  • Significant build of up plastic in extruder pulley teeth. Scrapped it out with a dental pick.
  • Replaced missing zip tie for cable bundle from extender assembly. This was a left over from Igor's previous disassemble for the second major jam.