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| Broken - Retired
| Broken - Retired

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Here is the Ultimaker Operation Manual

Current Status[edit]

We currently have two Ultimakers, one in a lightly modified but working state and the other needing some of the same modifications but potentially working.

Ultimaker 1 Ultimaker 2
Status Broken - Retired Broken - Retired
Material ABS only 3mm PLA only
Performance State Hardware: works well

Software: OctoPrint works well

Hardware: works well

Software: OctoPrint works well

Pending tasks

Material Feedstock[edit]

Our current preferred supplier of good PLA is Montreal based Voxelfactory, their PLA is reasonably priced and ships fast.

Had some issues with brittle filament from Voxelfactory.

Norm recommended repraper.com.

Rob found a Toronto wholesaler DynamisHobbies.com who left a sample spool of 1.75mm at the lab.

All PLA is hygroscopic (water absorbing) and exposure to moisture over time degrades the material. We have a (mostly) airtight latching storage bin with desiccant (CaCl2) to reduce moisture internally. Store PLA inside this bin, keep it closed and open it only when needed.

NB: ABS and other mystery inventory is stored in this bin as well!

Current Inventory[edit]

Material Diameter Notes
White, 1.75mm 1.75mm Partially used, DynamisHobbies sample.
White, 1.75mm 1.65mm Couple meters left. Came with the Type A
Green, 1.75mm
Yellow, 3mm 2.90mm, Packing Density = 0.6 Partially used.
Black, 3mm Partially used.
Glow in the dark blue, 3mm 2.983mm Partially used.
Blue, 3mm 2.95mm Partially used.
Orange, 3mm Unopened.

Old Section[edit]

(Below to be migrated and re-summarized on an ongoing basis)

Ultimaker #1[edit]

The ultimaker which was paid for by the membership is presently hooked up to a RaspberryPi accessible over SSH (see Ultimaker Operation Manual)


It is loaded with PLA plastic.

Suppler listing should go here.

Drive Bolt[edit]

Update: This issue was solved more permanently with the Extruder Drive Upgrade kit from Ultimaker The original driving bolt for the plastic filament was deemed unsuitable for continued operation and so we bought a new one from ultimachine and modified it for our machine. Hive76 Milled Bolt M8 x 60mm. Fumon was also in contact with the hackerspace which manufactured these bolts and has the CNC drawings to make new ones. The other ultimaker may require a new bolt and the idea was to mill it using these instructions from one of the spare M8 rods shipped with the ultimaker as it fits the most nicely into the bearings in the filament drive system.

Bowden Cable[edit]

Update: The issue was solved with the new hotend kit purchased from Ultimaker The original system for keeping the teflon bowden cable was also deemed unsuitable. This was due to the cable coming loose at the hot end side and allowing plastic to build up at the top of the extruder and requiring disassembly to put it back in working condition. This was repaired by placing steel springs along the bowden cable to act as threading for two bolts that act as pull-stops which are then wedged between the wood in the extruder module.

Further Work for Improving Quality[edit]

Many thanks go out to all those who helped over the course of improving the quality of prints. At present, we are producing extremely fine detail and can expect only gains in speed and precision from further hardware modifications.

Gcode Tuning see Ultimaker Slicing Page as this will be updated frequently with new profiles.

Ultimaker #2[edit]

Currently, the second Ultimaker has been fitted with an experimental dualstruder design with no software or firmware support as of April 2013.

Shopping List to bring Ultimaker #2 up to #1 specs[edit]

Total: €93 or about $123~ CAD + Shipping

Checklist of mods[edit]

  • Belt Tensioners x4
  • Bearing endcaps
  • Revised Firmware