Ultimaker 2

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This page documents Ultimaker #2 (Fawkes) [A phoenix from the ashes]


  • The ultimaker has been non-functional since 'day 1'. It was a donation to the lab in a semi-built, non functional state.
  • Rebuild currently lead by aonomus/Norm

Machine Log

Date Notes
Apr 24, 2013 Unmounted dual extruder.

Stripped out X/Y gantry parts for rebuild (X/Y blocks broken).
Observed Z acme rod bent.
Remounted Arduino Mega and driver board.

Apr 22, 2013 Reorganized shelf to accommodate the Ultimaker, organized materials and supplies.

To Do List

  • Repairs
    • Finish to-do list/upgrade list
    • Reprint X/Y bushing blocks, remount
    • Print tensioners, install
    • Print new extruder in entirety, mount
    • Print Raspberry Pi mounting plate, mount pi, wire up
    • Straighten Z axis acme rod
    • Crimp cable going to print head
    • Remount X/Y gantry system
    • Order hot end
    • Order boden cable
    • Order extruder (dependent on success of printable extruder)
    • Flash firmware
    • Calibrate endstops
  • Printable Upgrades
    • Spool holder
    • Magnetically attached print bed
    • Motor mounts
    • Fan cowling
    • Z axis home switch adjuster
    • Axis end-caps