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3D Printers

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![[File:Ultimaker 1.jpg|300px|link=Ultimaker 1]]<br>[[Ultimaker 1]]
![[File:Ultimaker 2.jpg|300px|link=Ultimaker 2]]<br>[[Ultimaker 2]]
![[File:Type A.jpg|300px|link=Type A]]<br>[[Type A]]
![[File:Flashforge creator pro.jpg|300px|link=FlashForge Creator Pro]]<br>[[FlashForge Creator Pro]]
![[File:Makerbot Cupcake.jpg|300px|link=Makerbot]]<br>[[Makerbot]]
![[File:Flashforge creator pro.jpg|300px|link=flashforge]]<br>[[FlashForge Creator Pro]]
<!Status-- Update the status on the printer page, it will get included here! -->|Operational{{:Ultimaker 1}}|Operational{{:Ultimaker 2}}|Operational{{:Type A}}|Operational{{:FlashForge Creator Pro}}|Operational{{:Makerbot}}
|3mm ABS only
|3mm PLA only
|1.75mm PLA only
|3mm ABS only
|1.75mm PLA or ABS
!Hardware state|Good. Minor backlash observed.|Good. Power connector is loose.|Good. Cooling fan cowling may need some work|Good.|Good. Left extruder misaligned|-}
!Software state|Working well with OctoPrint|Working well with OctoPrint|Usable, prints pause momentarily/frequently due to Raspi slowness, some issues with long print jobs randomly failingSee individual printer pages for details and maintenance logs.|Good (Grab latest Cura profile from github [])|Use Slic3r profile instead of Cura|- !Pending tasks|None|None|None|PID tuning, bed wobble, wavvy ABP.|None|- |}
== Printer-specific pages ==