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/* Dinner History */
= Dinner History =
* 2018-10-16 [ thai carrot sweet potato soup] 5x and [ maple cinnamon roasted butternut squash] a repeat 2x and [ Galaxy Bark] for dessert. The soup was amazing - the red curry paste really spiced it up nice, so much great flavor! Would make again. The squash, once again wonderfully sweet. The galaxy bark, "nailed it", the colored chocolate melts didn't melt very well (the made like a thick goo, rather than a runny liquid like the base dark chocolate). When I tried to get them to spread like in the image, it just wouldn't do that - stuck together and glommed into the darker stuff. Ultimately I ended up just basically dissolving the colors in the dark, which meant it all became dark - no swirling colors on the top. But the edible sparkles and the other decorations made it look sort of OK, and of course it TASTES like chocoate, so it still got eaten (though there was so much, about half of it is left). Anyway, need to figure out how to properly get the colored stuff to melt to a liquid - perhaps using a double-boiler would be a good idea? Going further in the microwave was not workable, it just burns the hot spots in something that thick... maybe we could add something to thin it out, like a milk? Need to talk to a chocolate expert.* 2018-10-09 [ jerk sweet potato and black bean curry] a favorite 2x and [ spicy indian rice] a favorite 3x plus [ amazing chocolate cake] for Pari's birthday. The curry & rice, incredible as always, good to know the favorites are still awesome. The chocolate cake, indeed incredible as billed - it's was rich and moist and oh so very sweet and chocolaty. Would make again, though, it's also huge - we had 20 people and couldn't finish it, I took some pieces home. Also, it's not saying here, but I am making "hack bread" in the bread maker basically every week. It's like this: 1.5 cups water, 3 cups flour (one is optionally wholewheat if you want brown bread), 2 tsp granulated sugar, 1 tsp salt, 2 tsp yeast, plus the hack: 1 to 2 tsp of a spice, I've tried pretty much all of them as this point, I can recommend cumin (and cumin seed) as being particularly well suited to bread, but lots of them are interesting and good. I tried both adding them at the beginning, and adding them at the mid-beep, and it doesn't seem to make any difference so I've just taken to adding at the beginning since it's easier.
* 2018-10-02 [ vegetable vindaloo] 2x and [ carrot-ginger rice] 2x a repeat and some carrot cupcakes. The vindaloo was interesting, it wasn't flavorful enough with just the 2x spice mix, so I added another 2x at the end, and that made it awesomely spicy. But probably still not good enough to actually recommend doing again. The rice, excellent as always. And the cupcakes, amazing, and oily :-)
* 2018-09-25 [ thai red curry] a repeat 10x with [ pineapple fried rice] 2x and [ lime sugar cookies]. The red curry, great as usual; I used cans of red curry paste from the nearby ethnic super market, much cheaper than the jars at FreshCo, but I think there is significant sugar in them, the whole curry ended up much sweeter than I remember it being. Also, 10x, but I only used 8 cans of coconut milk, and even that was too much - I think you could get away with 6. Also, lots of extra veg as always. The pineapple rice, we had to drain extra juice from the pineapple out of the pan in order to begin the caramelizing, but otherwise as written - and it was delicious, would make again. The lime cookies, I made because we had extra lime juice - though you couldn't taste the lime, they were delicious.