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Laser Manual

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=== How Our Laser Uses G-code ===
X axis: gantry right/left, 500 1000 dpi <br />Y axis: gantry far/near, 500 1000 dpi <br />W axis: table up/down, 2000 4000 dpi <br />
The laser is wired to ''spindle on/off'' ([ M3/M5]) '''and''' either of the following: <br />
''move Z axis to -0.002/+0.002'' (on/off respectively) <br />
'''or''' <br />
use "digital out" commands [ ''"M62 P0" / "M63 P0"'' ] for on/off, respectively <br />
That is to say, the laser is on if and only if the spindle is on and one or both of the Z axis and digital out are on.