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/* Dinner History */
= Dinner History =
* 2019-06-11 [ thai green curry] 3x with 3 cups of plain brown rice. Accidentally shredded the carrots instead of slicing them, as a result it was more sweet and carrot-y, but still good - a bit bland really, maybe more curry paste next time...
* 2019-06-04 [ butternut squash soup] 2x, because the super market didn't have any split peas! I wanted to start with the same recipe as we ended :-). It was good.
* 2019-02-12 [ split pea soup] 2x, a repeat. Last dinner before the move to hacklab 3.0, it was good as usual.
* 2019-02-05 [ easy vegan fried rice] 4x and [ spice thai peanut sauce over roasted sweet potatoes] favorite repeat, 6x. The sweet potatoes awesome as usual, so delicious! The rice, also quite good, though I made the tofu my way, so not sure about their way... but fried rice takes so much longer than any other kind of rice, it's essentially 3x the work...
* 2019-01-22 [ vegan hamburger helper] 4x and garlic bread and hackbread. The hamburger helper was actually quite tasty and filling, I was a bit leery of the raw onion added at the end, but it added a nice crunch! And the vegan cheeze-wiz was not actually cheese flavored, but was nice and creamy and really worked well.
* 2019-01-15 [ Coconut Red Curry with Chickpeas] 4x and [ Nourishing Ayurvedic Kitchari] 3x. The curry was good, very atomic thanks to an entire large container of red paste. The ayervedic rice, bland as it was supposed to be! Oranges were deeply on sale, so we made [ cucumber orange carrot juice], which was odd, but really cooling and so great with the curry.
* 2019-01-09 [ general tso's chickpeas] a favorite repeat, 4x, which was only about 2/3 of the pot, but it was great as usual and perfect for a quieter night. Also, [ yaki onigiri] rice balls, 3x. There were but plain themselves, but with the Teriyaki sauce, delicious! Super labor intensive though, must be several minutes of work EACH, so it really doesn't scale. The sauce, of course we couldn't get mirin, so we subbed in dry sherry + brown sugar, but didn't have enough sherry either, so subbed red wine vinegar for about 1/2; people tell me the vinegar really gave the teriyaki a sweet & sour flavor which was awesome, so I'd say unintentional genius :-)
* 2019-01-01 [ carrot and ginger rice] a repeat 3x and [ simple vegetable dumplings] 2x and more dough from [ baozi] recipe from last time. The mushroom dumpling filling was actually great, way better than the lentil thing from last time. The rice, good, but wasn't a great combo with the dumplings, I think some kind of green veggies would have been better. Dumplings are fun, but also so much work, it was good it was a quiet week (new years day!).