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/* Dinner History */
= Dinner History =
* 2019-10-15 [ white bean soup] 3x with [ beer bread] and [ rice krispie treat turkey]. The beer bread, disaster, it didn't rise at all, and so was super dense. Our resisdent beer brewing expert says that probably there was a preservative (or similar) chemical in the beer which resulted in the early death of all yeast. Need to check ingredient labels in the future. The soup, great, and easy to make too, would make again. The "turkey": hilarious, and fun to make too. Happy Thanksgiving!
* 2019-10-08 [ butternet squash linguine] 2x a favorite repeat, this time without the fried sage, since the store doesn't sell sage. Added some roasted tomatoes as recommended. It was great as usual! Plus garlic rosemary bread.
* 2019-09-10 [ borscht] 3x a repeat with cumin bread from the bread machine. The soup was awesome, as usual, and the cumin bread, divine.
* 2019-09-03 [ vegetarian chili] 2x and bread. It was actually really excellent, would make again. We used real tomatoes (as opposed to canned), plus a jar of strained tomatoes, but otherwise exactly as written.