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Ultimaker 1

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[[File:Ultimaker 1.jpg|thumb|300px|Ultimaker #1, also known as "Guy"]]
This page documents Ultimaker #1 (Guy).The printer lives on the bottom shelf of the 3D printer tower.
* Operational. Loaded with light blue 3mm PLA</onlyinclude>
== Features == * This Ultimaker is currently non-functional Original with extruder drive upgrade* 210 x 210 x 205 mm print volume* Uses 3mm filament. Has also been fitted * Absolute max temperature: 250 C* Heated bed for ABS use.(on second power supply)
* It is managed and accessible from the web GUI: ''''''
!Entry By
|Nozzle cleaned, Bowden coupler springs replaced. Prints well. Use "ABS juice" to stick ABS prints to bare bed. Prints PLA onto blue tape perfectly as well.
|Jan 28, 2016