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3D Printers

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== 3D Printer Workflow at the Hacklab ==
The hacklab 3d printers are set up using the [[Construct Protocol] OctoPrint] which allows 3d printers to be used over the local network. The users personal computers are not required to be physically connected to the printers during the duration of the print, and allows for users to continue working on other projects without fear of print interruptions, etc. Construct only acts as the gcode sending layer, which means the user still has to generate the gcode based on an STL file.
=== Software ===
* The printers are all equipped with OctoPrint web interface software. See the [[3D_Printers#Quick_Start_Instructions|quick start instructions]] for server addresses.
* '''Ultimaker''' CURA is the software used to generate Gcode for the Ultimakers. You can get it here: [ CURA download link]. Here's [[Ultimaker Slicing Page|our guide on]] preparing models for printing at HackLab.* '''CupcakeType A''' Also works with cura, but you'll have to download Gcode can be generated using our Cura settings or the profile on hacklab's github page, and edit Cura's machine dimentions to match[https://www.* ''' Type A''' Gcode KISSlicer] ("Series 1 2012/2013 - Plywood" section). The new "Cura Type A" is generated via KISSlicer using a profile maintained by Willintended for newer models of their printers and just grinds the filament on ours instead of printing!
=== Quick Start Instructions ===
# Generate Gcode from an STL using printer-specific software. Here are [[Ultimaker Slicing Page#Cura 15|instructions on using Cura15]] for the Ultimaker machines.# For the Type A, make sure to use the Cura for Type A!
# Visit the OctoPrint web interface for the printer you're using (note: you must be on the members' wifi network!):
#* Ultimaker 1 - http://octopi/
#* Delete the file on OctoPrint if you are done with it.
#* Turn the machine off.
== Slicer settings ==
=== Cura 15 ===
[ Cura 15] can be used to slice models for the Ultimakers and Type A with the following settings:
# Edit <code>preferences.ini</code> and add the machine sections from [ github profile.ini] to make the 3 machines available in Cura
#* <code>preferences.ini</code> lives in <code><abbr title="C:\Users\USERNAME">%USERPROFILE%</abbr>\.cura\<abbr title="current cura version">15.04.6</abbr>\preferences.ini</code> on Windows, <code>???</code> on Linux and, <code>???</code> on Mac
#* If you have other machines already configured, you need to renumber of the <code>[machine_N]</code> sections so there are no duplicates and they are sequential
# Select the correct printer from the Machine menu
# Load [ matching profile ini from github]
== Troubleshooting ==
* Print has random blobs due to pausing of printer mid extrusion
** Known bug in prontserve due to bottleneck in Raspberry pi I/O. Print simpler file or directly control printer via USB/pronterface
=== Software Problems ===
* tegh
** Temperature stops updating after estop command issued
*** Known bug, ssh to host machine, screen -r, ctrl-C, python2 to restart prontserve.
** Printer auto-discovery did not work.
*** Restart prontserve: ssh to host machine, screen -r, ctrl-C, python2 to restart prontserve.
** tegh discovers no printers on network
*** Check firewall settings
*** Verify on internal networks: 192.168.111.x or 192.168.113.x
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