AlphaPremier Signs

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There are three AlphaPremiere signs, one for the milling machine, a big one for events, and a small one for DoorBot.

AlphaPremiere 9000 LED sign

The AlphaPremiere 9000 LED sign is located in the classroom, mounted on the wall to the right of the projection screen. It is currently used to display upcoming events at the Hacklab.

Technical Specs

  • A Lantronix ethernet adapter provides ethernet comms. The IP is and comms port is 3001. Configuration is on port 9999 via telnet.
  • Av wrote software that is currently controlling the sign.
  • The sign speaks the Alpha Sign Protocol, version Alpha 2.0.
  • 160x32 pixels
  • Capable of displaying 8 colors: Red, Green, Dim Red, Dim Green, Amber, Brown, Yellow, Orange.