Amateur Radio Equipment

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Equipment Inventory[edit]

* Yaesu FT-890 (HF Transceiver)
* Motorola MCS2000x2 (2m/70cm Transceiver)
* Morse Code Straight Key
* RTL2832 Dongle (SDR Receiver)
* Ham-it-up SDR Up Converter (SDR Receiver HF Upconveter
* WiseClock3 (Keeping poor local time)
* HAM PC (Trixie) (Daria's spare "too damn powerful for radio stuff PC)
* Homebrew 80m-6m Vertical Antenna (Andrew's amazing vertical antenna)
* Diamond X-50 VHF/UHF Antenna (for the 2m/70cm Transceivers)
* Pyramid 20A Linear Power Supply (to power the radio's)