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The laser can be used to make some pretty flashy business cards


There are tools on Jed's github to make a batch of business cards in two steps (one step to etch and another to cut). The card in the photo is 1x3" and can be made in bathes of 100. The etching phase of such a batch will take about 5 hours.

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Acrylic comes in sheets at least as thin as 1/16". There are a bunch of pieces of clear 1/16" in the lab which is available for use. There is also a good possibility that mylar would work but we need some mylar to test with.


The laser can't cut aluminum, but it can be etched. If we get our hands on some blank cards, we can do fun things with them. A local shop called MacFarlane has quoted us $0.37/each for 500 or more. [[SarahEmm] has a bunch of various colours of anodized aluminium business cards, talk to her if you want a few to play around with. They etch really well on the laser, with a bit of practice.


Selling custom acrylic cards has been suggested as a funding source. Jed's cards got a lot of attention at a recent job fair and there does not seem to be any existing similar product. Jed is currently investigating the feasibility of this.