Cobblebot Vanguard

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  • Dual extrusion
  • All metal extruder and chassis
  • Heated bed
  • Good for multiple materials.


  • The Cobblebot was purchased via kickstarter on Feb 13, 2015 and finally delivered after much delay in October 2015.
  • It was partially assembled on Saturday, November 14, 2015
  • Due to a number of issues, stemming mostly from incompatible / incorrect parts shipped to us, and extremely sketchy / questionable assembly instructions, the assembling stalled out and machine sat dormant and unfinished for some time.
  • To make way for more functional things and make space in lab (the thing is admittedly ginormous), it is now sitting in Trevor's shed until such a time as we can devote effort to finalizing the build.

Machine Log[edit]

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