Drill Press

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Hacklab acquired a 14" floor standing drill press on 2016-06-29. It lives in the corner of the shop, integrated into the table.

  • Model: TradeMaster RDM-150F
  • 5/8" bit capacity
  • 14" throat (7" from column to bit)
  • 3" quill travel
  • A couple feet of vertical table travel
  • 1/2 HP motor
  • MT2 spindle
  • Made in 1983

Usage & Safety

  1. You must be trained to operate this machine
  2. Tie back long hair, remove long sleeved shirts and jewellery.
  3. Eye protection must be worn when machine is running.
  4. Check machine for damage before using.
  5. No unconventional / unsafe use.
  6. Do not use mill cutters in the drill press.
  7. Use the vise and/or table clamp to keep work on the table
  8. Sweep / vacuum up chips and leave the machine clean.


  • Check if spindle needs oil/grease and lube it if necessary.
  • The previous owner removed the middle pulley from the three-pulley 16-speed gearbox, reducing it to 1 belt and 4 speeds. The third pulley and the two belts are in a box under the drill press if anyone ever wants higher/lower speeds.