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Quick Start Guide

The Home Assistant Demo Lab is a self-contained network + server assembled into a ready to go package that only require a single power and upstream network connection.


Retrieve the Demo Lab from members cube S4.

Place the Demo Lab at either the hot-desks or electronics bench. These locations have mains power and hacklab wired network connections available.

Attach hacklab wired network to WAN port (blue) on the Router (HL0087).

Attach Demo Lab powerbar to mains power and switch it on.

Wait 1 min for Router to stabilize. Afterwards press power button on Home Assistant server ([HL0088]]) and wait another 2 mins for the server to stabilize.


Join the Demo Lab's dedicated WIFI (TBD).

Usernames and passwords are documented on a physical card included with the Demo Lab. These may be updated and changed during an environment refresh, please refer to the card at each use.

Shutdown / Storage Procedure

Gracefully turn off Home Assistant server.

On the Home Assistant's Hardware Page

  1. Power Symbol, Top Right Corner
  2. "Shut down system"

The Router and Zigbee Router are sudden power-loss tolerant. It is now safe turn off the demolab powerbar and unplug the main power cable.

Return lab rig to member's cube S4

Lab Configuration / Reset Instructions



TP-Link Archer C7 / HL0087

First Time Setup / Hardware Replacement

Install OpenWRT according to the upstream Tp-link_archer_c7#documentation documentation.

Environment Refresh

PoE Network Switch

TP-Link TL-SG1005P / HL0089

5-Port Unmanaged PoE switch, no configuration is required. Used to provide additional network ports, and power to PoE devices. Zigbee Gateway is powered from this switch.

Home Assistant Server

HP Mini PC / HL0088

First Time Setup / Hardware Replacement
Environment Refresh

Zigbee Gateway