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Application Process[edit]

The procedure now is that a prospective new member fills out an application form and two other existing members act as “sponsors”. These two members need to have been members of the HackLab for at least 3 months. The form is sent to the mailing list, and no other action is required on the part of the rest of the membership. After a 3-day period, but usually by the next open house, the applicant can be memberized. Their membership begins with a 1-month “probation” period.

The sponsors are optional when filling out the form, if left out then two people have to speak up on the list saying they've met them and approve before they're accepted as a member.

The purpose of the email is to let you know that someone new is applying, with a photo so you can recognize them and some background information so you can learn more about them. However, another important component of the email is for you to potentially say “Whoa, hold on, I know that guy, he’s bad news” and you can send in a -1 to the ops team privately, or publically on the list if you like.

If two or more -1’s are accumulated, the member is denied and any already-paid dues are refunded.

Memberization Process[edit]

  • Verify first payment has been made before proceeding (this weeds out members who won't ever pay, which has happened a number of times now)
  • Run the automatic memberization process (sen runs this currently, once it's ready for general use it will be documented here)

New Member Email Template[edit]

This template is now stored in the automatic memberization system on

New Wiki User[edit]

  • create a personal wiki page at User:fooname
  • note your name on pages like so; [[User: fooname | Frank Foo]]
  • add categories to the pages you make like so; [[Category: Foo Category]]