Leaving HackLab

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What causes a membership in HackLab to end

  • a notice that the membership is being resigned, given either to operations or the board
  • non-payment, defined as not paying dues by the first of the month (they are due the 15th)
  • misc. douchebaggery, see bylaws

Egress procedures

  • return or revoke/recover keyfob
  • unsubscribe from the members mailing list
  • move from Members to Non-Members section on Who's Who
  • remove from the hacklabdoor twitter account
  • ensure former member has bin contents and deassign bin
  • by default, remove shell access - if needed the member can retain this
  • depending on the circumstances, make assessment on members mailing list of the need to update the alarm / door code
  • notify the members mailing list.