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Cupcake Refurb Project 2013[edit]

From June to August 2013, a number of major upgrades have been performed to make the cupcake more useful and relevent.


Done. The cupcake is now as usable as the ultimakers. (Same software workflow.) - Print quality is not as high, but sufficient for mechanical parts.

Completed Work[edit]

  • X,Y mendel style with 10 bearings/axis [] [1]- PLA printed Y part cracked, only 9 bearings installed. Still runs well.
  • Wade's extruder for cupcake [2]
    • Hobbed bolt + gear from ultimaker spares
    • Stepper based extruder - stepper borrowed from ultimaker.
  • Old Ultimaker (ramps-like) board with arduino Mega that has to be returned to Fumon - Sen to provide alternative?
  • X,Y endstops implemented with random mechanical switches found around the lab.
  • Tuning: X,Y,Z Steps_per_unit
  • Raspi configured with arch and printrun.
  • Extruder tuned, replaced gear with 3d printed one (was using old wood ultimaker gear, now using same type of gear as the ultimaker.)
  • took apart, cleaned out the makergear extruder.
  • Toolchain integration (Cura profile/prontserv) - Note: Cura preferences must be altered to match machine dimentions.
  • Z endstops
  • Wiring and connecting ABP.
  • Cura plugin for ABP at end of print
  • Power status LED (Thanks Sen!)
  • LED Strip - Regulator runs hot though, usually unpluged.
  • Z Axis replacement - [3]
  • Crappy Bed leveler

Todo / WIP[edit]

  • Need a bed leveler design which doesn't add wobble to prints
  • ABP tends to be a bit wavvy. Investigate paper/kapton option or metal foil for replacement belt.

Parameters and notes[edit]

  • Using Marlin firmware. Full configuration to be posted on github once it's more stable.
  • Motor model: KYSAN SKU: 1123029. Using 12V, 0.4A. (xyz only, extruder = better motor.) - Set pololu ref voltage to a bit under 0.16v.) [4]
  • PID values + thermo values being played with. Default values overshoot hotend significantly.
    • See reference values here: [5]


The Hacklab has made a number of customization to our Makerbot:

  • Thermocouple in the Plastruder heater instead of the default thermocouple (including adding converter board for signal)
  • Heated build platform