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Hacklab acquired a small horizontal metal band saw on 2016-06-29. It is on wheels and stored on the right of the mill, next to the mill cart.

  • Model: Dayton 3Z360D
  • 4.5" by 5.5" capacity
  • Accepts 63-65.5" long 1/2" wide blades
  • Bushings replaced 2016-10
  • 1/2 HP motor
  • Can be used as a vertical band saw by attaching the table to the bottom blade guide

Usage & Safety

  1. You must be trained to operate this machine
  2. Tie back long hair, remove long sleeved shirts and jewellery.
  3. Eye protection must be worn when machine is running.
  4. Check machine for damage before using.
  5. No unconventional / unsafe use.
  6. Do not apply pressure when cutting, the machine works fine under its own weight and the blade might jump off otherwise.
  7. Clamp work-piece well, the built-in has a second screw to keep it parallel for holding smaller pieces.
  8. Sweep / vacuum up chips and leave the machine clean.
  9. Unplug after use
  10. Don't ram it into the mill handles and table when storing/removing/using

Supplies & Accessories

Saw blade

Currently: 1/2" wide metal blade from BusyBee

The machine has over an inch of adjustment in the top wheel position so it fits blades from about 63" to 65.5" long. Internets say that only 1/2" wide blades can be used since narrower ones would run teeth into the metal wheels.

Replacement instructions:

  1. Unplug machine from power
  2. Open the front cover
  3. Be prepared for the blade to jump out if it was not seated on the wheels
  4. Release tension on the top wheel by using the knob at the top
  5. Using work gloves or pliers, slide the blade off the wheels and out of the saw
  6. Blade may catch on the hinge at the bottom, carefully twist it to unjam
  7. Unpack new blade
  8. Slide new blade on the wheels, use A-clamps or extra hands to keep it seated
  9. Tension the blade slowly while making sure it does not slide off
  10. Proper tension is ???, if it's too tight or too loose, it may jump off the wheels
  11. Close cover
  12. Plug in machine
  13. Run the saw to test if the blade stays on
  14. Done!


The machine can be used as a vertical band saw by attaching the table stored in the chip pan of the saw, or in the arm of the wooden storage shelf above it.

  1. Unplug machine
  2. Unscrew two big flat socket cap screws at the top of the bottom blade guide
  3. Remove small guide plate
  4. Place table on the blade guide
  5. Reuse the two screws to screw the table down
  6. After use, remove the table
  7. Replace the small guide plate and screws
  8. Store table in the chip pan of the machine


Original bushings for the top and bottom wheel were worn out and replaced in 2016-10. Insert info about dimensions, supplier and modifications here.


  • Adjust the blade angle to get straighter cuts
  • New front cover to replace the chewed up one
  • Worm gear box might need new grease since some was lost while replacing bushings