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The hacklab has a new scope, which was donated by Onestop Media Group.

It's a Tektronix TDS2012B -- a 2-channel, 100MHz digital storage oscilloscope.

It comes with some accessories that should remain with the scope at all times:

  • two 100MHz probes
  • manual
  • power cord

The scope should remain a part of the electronics workbench at all times... and should never leave the lab except under exceptional circumstances.

You can find the manual here.

If you've never used an oscilloscope before, please read the manual or find someone at the lab to train you. It's not difficult to use, but some help will save you a lot of frustration.

If you have any tricks or tips using the scope, please place them on the page!

Scope Tips

  • If you're not seeing a stable waveform, make sure the TRIGGER settings are correct! You need to be triggering on the correct input at the very least! Hit that TRIG MENU button and take a look at the settings.