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Basic Information

  • The Tormach was donated by Autodesk
  • Tormach PCNC 1100 tech specs
  • Resolution: 1 tenth / 0.0001" / 2.54 micron / 1.26262e-8 furlongs
  • 1.5HP, 100 to 5140 RPM (two speeds, belt adjust)
  • Feed Rate: 110 IPM (X,Y) 90 IPM (Z)
  • Fixture plate: Grid of M10 threaded holes (Warning! This is not the same size as our mill clamping kit! Do not force those studs into the Tormach plate! The mill kit uses 3/8-16 threads)
    • TODO create 3D model
    • TODO buy holder clamp set

Usage & Safety[edit]

The milling machine is both a precision machine and also powerful enough to seriously hurt you. It needs to be treated with the same respect you would give any precision tool. All members are welcome to use the machine after being shown how to use it properly.

  1. Only trained members may use this machine.
  2. Tie back long hair, remove long sleeved shirts and jewelry.
  3. Eye protection must be worn when machine is running.
  4. Check all tooling and machine for damage before using.
  5. Sweep / vacuum up chips and leave the machine clean.
  6. No unconventional / unsafe use.
  7. Usage on non-metals requires your own tools.
  8. No hammering on the machine table. It is high precision!
  9. You break it, you buy it!

You MUST be trained before using this machine. Please consult a member who knows what they are doing. You can help a guest with a job but guests are not permitted to use the machine themselves.

Note that knowing how to use a milling machine is not sufficient - You must be shown by a trained member the intricacies of our machine.

Coolant Coolant to water concentration must be checked at [SCHEDULE] | Portable refractometer instructions

Tank capacity: 6.5 Gallons / 24L Coolant must be:

  • Biodegradable
  • Synthetic
  • Water based
  • NO OIL
  • Should be compatible with both ferrous metals and aluminum.

Currently selected coolant:

  • Qualichem XTREME CUT 250C
  • Source: torontolube.com, Alan at customerservice@torontolube.com - 1 gallon jug is all we need, which is below their minimum quantity - but they made an exception.
  • Dilute to 8-10% by adding concentrate to tap water (not the other way around!)

See preventative maintenance

Good idea: [1]


Tool Setter

Work Probe

4th Axis The Tormach has an 8" three-jaw chuck, normally mounted as an "A" (along "X") axis. It could also be rotated to be vertical for the "C" axis (along "Z").

Preventative Maintenance

    • Way oiler - pull out one full stroke before each use, and again every 4 hours of runtime
    • Air oiler - check for oil (behind the machine)
    • Check coolant level
    • Remove chips from ways, carriage and bellows
    • Agitate coolant with air (todo aquarium pump)
  • Long-term
    • Check coolant level and concentration; remove sediment
      • Refractometer directly reads concentration for XTREME CUT 250C. 6-8% is OK.
    • Skim coolant to remove oil regularly (oil grows bacteria)
    • Check axes are receiving oil, check belts

CNC Controller

  • Uses PathPilot (based on LinuxCNC)
  • TODO

Insert Tooling

  • Cutting conditions
    • P - Steel
    • M - Stainless Steel
    • K - Cast Iron
    • N - Nonferrous metal (e.g. aluminum)
    • S - Exotic alloy
    • H - Hardened steel

Tool Holder

  • TTS - Tormach Tooling System
    • The TTS adapts the R8 taper (same as the manual mill) in the spindle to a quick-change system
    • Press RELEASE button above the spindle OR the foot pedal on the left side to insert or remove a TTS tool holder from the spindle.
  • Tooling - our TTS set contains:
    • ER16 collet - qty2
      • Can hold 1/32" through 3/8" - but we have no ER16 collets
    • ER20 collet - qty16
      • We have 16 holders which can take ER20 collets - more than we have ER20 collets actually.
      • These are ER20 collets which get snapped into the holder before being assembled:
      • Er20 collets.jpg
      • Can accept ER20 collets which hold 1/16" through 1/2" or 1-13mm
      • ER20 collets we have in stock: TODO
    • Tormach SuperFly cutter link (2-3" adjustable cutting diameter, one cutter, $10 per insert + $200 of tool)
      • SEHT12043AFSN (300-1000SFM For Steel - qty2 remaining
      • SEHT1204AFTN (900-2360SFM) For Nonferrous - qty1 remaining
    • Tormach Indexable face mill link 1.5" dia, 4 cutters, $15 each = $60 of inserts + $200 of tool)
      • APMT1135PDER (900-2360SFM 0.001-0.005"/rev) For Steel - qty6 remaining
      • APKT113508PDFR (900-2360SFM 0.0012-0.0059"/rev) For Nonferrous - qty4 remaining
    • 1/4" set screw - qty11
    • 5/16" set screw - qty2
    • 3/8" set screw - qty10
    • 1/2" set screw - qty5
      • We have replacement for TTS set screws (per NYC CNC for this machine):
        • McMaster p/n 92311A556 (1/4x28 Stainless Set Screw).
        • McMaster p/n McMaster 92311A635 (3/8x24 Stainless Set Screw).
    • Jacobs chuck JT2 - qty4
    • Jacobs chuck 1/32-3/8" - qty1
    • Jacobs chuck 1/64-1/4" - qty1
    • Collet 5C expanding #4 (to hold *inside* a bore) - qty1
    • Blank (make your own tool or mount magnetic base link) - qty2
    • Tormach active 3D probe - $1800
      • Replacement tips $120 link
  • Total value of TTS tooling is over $4000

Items to purchase


NYC CNC Speeds and Feeds worksheet NYC CNC Speeds and Feeds Videos

Tool Table
Tool# Shape Diameter Length Part number Price
T60 2fl cobalt Endmill 0.375?  ? KBC 1-329-024 $24
T61 2fl cobalt Ball 0.125?  ? KBC 1-325B-008 $12
T62 3fl Hog endmill for Aluminum ONLY .375?  ? KBC 5-100-13417 $115
Material Table / Recommended Speeds and Feeds
Material + Tool SFM with Lubricant SFM with Flood Coolant
6061 Aluminum + 3/8" cobalt endmill - roughing facing N/A 50% stepover 25IPM 0.1"DOC pretty good, but so did 200% stepover. Forgiving.
6061 Aluminum + 3/8" cobalt endmill - roughing profile N/A .05" stepover 25IPM 0.6"DOC pretty good
6061 Aluminum + 1/8" cobalt endmill - finishing profile N/A .002" stepover 5IPM 0.3"DOC climb looks great