Soldering Equipment

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The Hacklab has a bunch of tools that aren't soldering irons themselves, but are useful for soldering work:

  • Located in the bin labeled 'Soldering Equipment':
    • A number of 'holding hands' type devices and one Panavise Jr. for holding circuit boards
    • Solder suckers and solder wick
    • Solder
  • Located in the cup inside the Soldering Stuff bin
    • Tweezers of many sizes (including very pointed ones useful for working with SMDs down to 0402 size)
    • Dental picks useful for clearing solder bridges and moving tiny components

The lab also has a number of soldering devices:

  • Located around the lab and in the 'Soldering Equipment' bin:
    • A number of normal 'pencil' type soldering irons, and stands for them.
  • Located on the window ledge at the front of the lab:
    • One Edsyn Loner variable temperature soldering station with a small wedge tip on the iron
    • One Circuit Specialists CSI9000 hot air soldering station with:
      • Soldering iron with digital temperature control and smoke extractor
      • Hot air reflow tool with a number of tips (small round, slightly larger round, QFP-20ish size square, larger square), digital temperature control and air pressure control
    • One Aoyue hot air soldering station, same features and accessories as CSI9000
    • Multiple soldering iron stations, one of which is dedicated to lead-free process