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3D Printers

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/* Cura 15 */
# Edit <code>preferences.ini</code> and add the machine sections from [ github profile.ini] to make the 3 machines available in Cura
#* <code>preferences.ini</code> lives in <code><abbr title="C:\Users\USERNAME">%USERPROFILE%</abbr>\.cura\<abbr title="current cura version">15.04.6</abbr>\preferences.ini</code> on Windows, <code>???</code> on Linux and, <code>???~/Library/Application Support/Cura/<abbr title="current cura version">15.04.6</abbr></code> on Mac
#* If you have other machines already configured, you need to renumber of the <code>[machine_N]</code> sections so there are no duplicates and they are sequential
# Select the correct printer from the Machine menu