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Laser Manual

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/* Troubleshooting */ Mirror misalignment
** DUCT OVERPRESS - The pressure in the duct is too high. Check for clogs in the duct.
** BATT LOW - The backup battery in the PLC is low. Replace it or contact the operations team to do so.
=== Mirror misalignment (double laser beam or only cutting on one side of bed) ===
* The first mirror (on the left of X carriage) has been going out of alignment recently for unknown reasons
* This causes the laser to hit the second mirror (on head) off-centre
* '''Get help from someone who has fixed this before!'''
* Paper masking tape and firing laser on the minimum power level for a second can be used to see where the beam actually hits
* [[File:Laser_alignment_fail.jpg|200px]]
* Realignment procedure
** Parts diagram:
** [[File:Laser_first_mirror_alignment.jpg|200px]]
** Loosen the two locking setscrews
** Rotate mirror a fraction of a degree
** Check alignment by firing at tape
** Repeat until laser hits the same spot on the opening for the second mirror when the head is at leftmost and rightmost positions along the slide
** Slowly snug setscrews to fix position
** Re-check alignment
** Repeat whole process if needed
== Materials Reference Tables ==