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Laser Manual

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Our laser is controlled by a Linux package called [ EMC2]. To drive the laser, EMC2 plays [ G-code] files. G-code is not very standardized, so you should read up on the [ specific variety of g-code used by EMC2].
The position of the laser is controlled by the X and Y axes, and the height of the table is the W axis. Motion on all axes is made of discreet steps and can be reproduced extremely accurately. The X and Y axes move 500 steps per inch and the W axis moves 2000 steps per inch.  The laser bed's cut area is has dimensions of about '''22" x 17"'''
The actual laser beam can be set to 15 different power levels using the switches on the panel. The max power rating is 25 Watts, and as of mid 2013 it has been measured at approximately this by Canadian Avenger. The power level can also be more finely controlled with G-code. To get a sharp line/cut, the laser needs to be focused. This is done by adjusting the W axis (the table) until the surface of your workpiece is exactly 2 inches from the lower surface of the lens. There is a white plastic post that can be used to measure this. From the base of the large end of the post to the top of the tapered part is 2 inches.