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/* Dinner History */
= Dinner History =
* 2018-06-05 [ 1-hour vegan chili] 3x with hackbread and garlic bread. Plus [ vegan oatmeal cookies]. The chili, pretty good, we added extra cumin, a bit of smoked paprika, and extra oregano, plus some lemon juice. The cookies, we lacked butter and eggs, thus this choice, but they are amazing, some of the best oatmeal cookies I've made (I added raisins, and used chocolate milk for the 1tbsp soy milk, otherwise as written).
* 2018-05-29 [ malka dal red lentil curry] a repeat 4x and [ rosh hashana carrot raisin rice] 3x. The dal once again impressed, would make again for sure, very tasty. It was a bit too liquid-y this time compared to what I like, and Pari added some extra spices at the end (including cloves and more oil-burst-coriander seeds), but I think that was because I didn't let them burst enough at the beginning to get the full taste in. The rice was a bit ordinary - there are better carrot-rice recipes below.
* 2018-05-22 [ spicy lemongrass noodle soup] 8x and [ oatmeal raisin cookies] 2x. It's hard to scale up a recipe for 2 people to one for 20! Ended up putting too much pasta in (they didn't have glass noodles, so I used vermicelli; put in about 1.5 packages, one would have been sufficient). It was still really great dish though, lots of people asked for the recipe! I think it was the lemongrass that was the magic ingredient. Just that alone on the pot at the beginning was magic. I also used a LOT of extra veggies compared to the recipe. The marinated tofu, I stirred right in rather than have it on top, since they didn't have firm at the store and mine was falling apart anyway. But I think it was also a key part of the taste. Cookies, really great actually, despite having like 60, they were almost all gone before I left.