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/* Dinner History */
= Dinner History =
* 2018-09-04 [ Cauliflower Buffalo Wings] 4x a favorite repeat and [ Vegan Vichyssoise Soup] 4x. The "wings", once again absolutely amazing. The transformation is remarkable. As advised below, we used the hot sauce and the "ranch dip" (we actually baked the dip on! it worked well), and didn't use the "salt & vinegar" sauce at all. The soup was simple and delicious, would make again for sure. That's sure one heck of a huge amount of leeks, but the cooked down pretty quickly in two frying pans. Chilling with ice/the fridge got it to just above room temp by the time of a slightly-late dinner, but I actually think it would be fine served hot too. * 2018-08-21 [ smoky black bean soup] 3x a repeat and [ vegan cabbage tofu bowl] a favorite repeat 2x, but 4x sauce and 3x tofu, as suggested below. The soup was actually bland and earthy, even with extensive modifications at the end, it only got up to "acceptable"; I'm not sure why it wasn't as good as previous times we've made it. We didn't drain or rinse the beans this time, because the recipe says not to do that, but I'm thinking perhaps on previous attempts, we did anyway? If I made it again I WOULD drain and rinse at least a few of the cans. The red cabbage bowl, amazing as always, there is a reason that one is one the favorites list. Pretty easy to make, and super delicious and crunchy!
* 2018-08-07 [ thai red curry] 8x a repeat, [ garlic cilantro lime rice] 2x a repeat and [ fruit crumble made with frozen fruit] 3x, we found a HUGE bag of frozen fruit in the freezer. The curry was great again - lots of extra veg. 8x STILL didn't fill the pot. I was glad I put TWO of the little jars of curry paste in, it could have used even more, I need to go to an asian super market again. The rice, no limes at FreshCo, so we used lemons, and it ended up super lemony good! The fruit dessert, despite vast quantities, it vanished while still hot, would make again, I wonder how much a bag of frozen fruit like that costs?
* 2018-07-31 [ fresh vegetable crunchy rolls with sriracha soy sauce tofu] 8x and [ easy soft chewy chocolate chip cookies] 2x. Rolls were delicious, julienned veggies are lots of work, but since also there is a lack of cooking, and people roll the rolls themselves, this dinner is actually not so bad to make. Would make again - fabulous for a hot summer day! The cookies, interesting - we used honey, and I think it DOES make them chewier, with that honey aftertaste. But I think still not the best chocolate chip cookies we've made...