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/* Dinner History */
* [ Vietnamese bun cha with sticky spicy tofu]
* [ Vegan Red Cabbage Bowl with Tofu and Peanut-Sriracha Sauce]
* [ creamy vegan butternut squash linguine with fried sage] and add [ roasted tomatoes] (ignore the pasta part of that second recipe] with [ vegan parmesam cheese]
* [ general tso's chickpeas]
* [ cauliflower buffalo wings]
= Dinner History =
* 2019-06-11 [ thai green curry] 3x with 3 cups of plain brown rice. Accidentally shredded the carrots instead of slicing them, as a result it was more sweet and carrot-y, but still good - a bit bland really, maybe more curry paste next time...* 2019-06-04 [ butternut squash soup] 2x, because the super market didn't have any split peas! I wanted to start with the same recipe as we ended :-). It was good. * 2019-02-12 [ split pea soup] 2x, a repeat. Last dinner before the move to hacklab 3.0, it was good as usual. * 2019-02-05 [ easy vegan fried rice] 4x and [ spice thai peanut sauce over roasted sweet potatoes] favorite repeat, 6x. The sweet potatoes awesome as usual, so delicious! The rice, also quite good, though I made the tofu my way, so not sure about their way... but fried rice takes so much longer than any other kind of rice, it's essentially 3x the work...* 2019-01-22 [ vegan hamburger helper] 4x and garlic bread and hackbread. The hamburger helper was actually quite tasty and filling, I was a bit leery of the raw onion added at the end, but it added a nice crunch! And the vegan cheeze-wiz was not actually cheese flavored, but was nice and creamy and really worked well.* 2019-01-15 [ Coconut Red Curry with Chickpeas] 4x and [ Nourishing Ayurvedic Kitchari] 3x. The curry was good, very atomic thanks to an entire large container of red paste. The ayervedic rice, bland as it was supposed to be! Oranges were deeply on sale, so we made [ cucumber orange carrot juice], which was odd, but really cooling and so great with the curry. * 2019-01-09 [ general tso's chickpeas] a favorite repeat, 4x, which was only about 2/3 of the pot, but it was great as usual and perfect for a quieter night. Also, [ yaki onigiri] rice balls, 3x. There were but plain themselves, but with the Teriyaki sauce, delicious! Super labor intensive though, must be several minutes of work EACH, so it really doesn't scale. The sauce, of course we couldn't get mirin, so we subbed in dry sherry + brown sugar, but didn't have enough sherry either, so subbed red wine vinegar for about 1/2; people tell me the vinegar really gave the teriyaki a sweet & sour flavor which was awesome, so I'd say unintentional genius :-)* 2019-01-01 [ carrot and ginger rice] a repeat 3x and [ simple vegetable dumplings] 2x and more dough from [ baozi] recipe from last time. The mushroom dumpling filling was actually great, way better than the lentil thing from last time. The rice, good, but wasn't a great combo with the dumplings, I think some kind of green veggies would have been better. Dumplings are fun, but also so much work, it was good it was a quiet week (new years day!).* 2018-12-18 two old standby's this week: [ parkers split pea soup] 3x and [ golden roasted curry mustard potatoes] 2x. Both were great again; the soup, we left it chunky this time instead of immersion blending it. The potatoes, larger chunks than usual, which was interesting - as always, potatoes totally went quickly, I wish we could do more, but this really does fill the oven...* 2018-12-11 [ best vegan borscht] tripled with the cashew sour cream from [ raw vegan tacos] doubled, and [ chocolate cake] with [ buttercream frosting] 2/3rds. The borscht, mediocre, we did extensive modifications and then people loved it, but I still feel like it doesn't measure up to our regular borscht recipe. Also triple actually made almost *two* pots worth, so I think the recipe's "6" is rather conservative, it would serve more like 10. Mods: lime juice, dried parsley, tons of salt (way more than you'd think would be required, and I still felt like it was short), and finally, to try to deal with the thin taste, some garam masala, which did fill it in nicely. The cashew sour cream was AWESOME, would make that again for sure. And the cake, gone super fast as expected, very moist, and making 2/3 of the icing was the right call, it had about the perfect amount of icing (my opinion, others disagreed, but it's my birthday!).* 2018-12-04 [ creamy vegan butternut squash with fried sage] 3x plus, I added the roasted tomatoes from [ roasted tomato basil pesto] doubled, and [ vegan parmesan cheese] also doubled, though that was extra for sure. Truly excellent, one of the best dinners of 2018. I'm adding to favorites, in fact, since this was the third and best time. Also, not regularly mentioned here, but I almost always make "hack bread" in the bread machine, with a random spice added for fun. Tonight was cumin, which I've done before and is excellent, probably the best spice to add. For reference, the bread maker recipe is: 1.5 cups warm water, 3 cups flour, 2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp salt, 2 tsp yeast. Plus I usually add 1-3 tsp of a spice, tonight it was 1 tsp cumin & 2 tsp cumin seeds. * 2018-11-20 [ butternut squash and roasted red pepper soup] a repeat, 4x, with [ pizza factory breadsticks] aka twisty garlic bread, a repeat. Both excellent. The soup, I used 14 small gala apples, since they were on sale, and the soup was super bright, people really liked it. We also added fresh ground pepper at the end, a master stroke. The twisty bread delicious as always - just the right amount of crunch!* 2018-11-13 [ the best vegetable curry ever] a repeat 2x, with white rice. Dinner by Rob. I heard it was good.* 2018-11-06 [ vietnamese bun cha] a favorite, 3x, [ five spice garlic roasted potatoes] 4x and [ garlicky green beans] 2x. The bun cha, awesome as usual, would make again - the tofu is a lot of work, and people have to assemble themselves at the end, but it's great. Next time, DON'T mix the tofu into the pasta myself, let people do that too - it gets a little lost, which is super sad. The potatoes, mediocre, there are way better roasted potato recipes. The beans, great, we used hoisin sauce (instead of oyster) and it's flavor was perfect! Would make again, too bad good beans are so hard to find and so expensive...* 2018-10-28 For Hackloween: [ pumpkin mac and cheese] non-vegan, 2x a repeat and [ pumpkin bread] a repeat and [ pumpkin cheesecake] a repeat and [ pumpkin smoothie]. The mac and cheese, actually does taste a bit better with real cheese, though the difference isn't huge, good overall. The bread, nice, but I think maybe my standards for bread are way up since the last time we made it, since I thought it was just good this time. The cheesecake, amazing again, would make again for sure. The smoothies also delicious, and really the only way to use that much puree - I doubled the pumpkin and halved the almond milk, tastes the same and is cheaper. Also, double the spices ;-)* 2018-10-23 [ red lentil curry] 6x with [ garlic cilantro lime rice] a repeat 3x and [ oatmeal cc cookies]. The lentils were nice and filling, and easy & cheap to make. The rice, excellent again, would make again for sure. The cookies were nice too, that recipe is huge, we got 4 trays!* 2018-10-16 [ thai carrot sweet potato soup] 5x and [ maple cinnamon roasted butternut squash] a repeat 2x and [ Galaxy Bark] for dessert. The soup was amazing - the red curry paste really spiced it up nice, so much great flavor! Would make again. The squash, once again wonderfully sweet. The galaxy bark, "nailed it", the colored chocolate melts didn't melt very well (the made like a thick goo, rather than a runny liquid like the base dark chocolate). When I tried to get them to spread like in the image, it just wouldn't do that - stuck together and glommed into the darker stuff. Ultimately I ended up just basically dissolving the colors in the dark, which meant it all became dark - no swirling colors on the top. But the edible sparkles and the other decorations made it look sort of OK, and of course it TASTES like chocoate, so it still got eaten (though there was so much, about half of it is left). Anyway, need to figure out how to properly get the colored stuff to melt to a liquid - perhaps using a double-boiler would be a good idea? Going further in the microwave was not workable, it just burns the hot spots in something that thick... maybe we could add something to thin it out, like a milk? Need to talk to a chocolate expert.* 2018-10-09 [ jerk sweet potato and black bean curry] a favorite 2x and [ spicy indian rice] a favorite 3x plus [ amazing chocolate cake] for Pari's birthday. The curry & rice, incredible as always, good to know the favorites are still awesome. The chocolate cake, indeed incredible as billed - it's was rich and moist and oh so very sweet and chocolaty. Would make again, though, it's also huge - we had 20 people and couldn't finish it, I took some pieces home. Also, it's not saying here, but I am making "hack bread" in the bread maker basically every week. It's like this: 1.5 cups water, 3 cups flour (one is optionally wholewheat if you want brown bread), 2 tsp granulated sugar, 1 tsp salt, 2 tsp yeast, plus the hack: 1 to 2 tsp of a spice, I've tried pretty much all of them as this point, I can recommend cumin (and cumin seed) as being particularly well suited to bread, but lots of them are interesting and good. I tried both adding them at the beginning, and adding them at the mid-beep, and it doesn't seem to make any difference so I've just taken to adding at the beginning since it's easier.
* 2018-10-02 [ vegetable vindaloo] 2x and [ carrot-ginger rice] 2x a repeat and some carrot cupcakes. The vindaloo was interesting, it wasn't flavorful enough with just the 2x spice mix, so I added another 2x at the end, and that made it awesomely spicy. But probably still not good enough to actually recommend doing again. The rice, excellent as always. And the cupcakes, amazing, and oily :-)
* 2018-09-25 [ thai red curry] a repeat 10x with [ pineapple fried rice] 2x and [ lime sugar cookies]. The red curry, great as usual; I used cans of red curry paste from the nearby ethnic super market, much cheaper than the jars at FreshCo, but I think there is significant sugar in them, the whole curry ended up much sweeter than I remember it being. Also, 10x, but I only used 8 cans of coconut milk, and even that was too much - I think you could get away with 6. Also, lots of extra veg as always. The pineapple rice, we had to drain extra juice from the pineapple out of the pan in order to begin the caramelizing, but otherwise as written - and it was delicious, would make again. The lime cookies, I made because we had extra lime juice - though you couldn't taste the lime, they were delicious.
* 2018-05-08 [ spicy vegan potato curry] 2x (with extra veggies) and [ lemon brown rice] 3x plus [ chocolate chip marshmallow cookies] and bread from the bread maker. The curry was spicy for sure, but a bit bland until we added extra cumin, some garam masala and some lemon juice to brighten it up. The cookies, somehow failed to set timer, when we got them out, the marshmallows had actually melted into the dough, I think saving the cookies from burning, but also disappointing us! Delicious anyway. The rice, subtle but excellent, comboed well.
* 2018-04-10 [ vegetarian chili] 4x but only 3x on the tomatoes and beans plus [ vegan corn bread], which we made twice. The chili, added mushrooms, and had to sub swiss chard instead of celery, plus we added some apple cider vinegar to brighten it up. After all that, it was actually great - for a chili. Too spicy by half though, 4 jalapeƱo's was too many, I think 2 would have been sufficient. The corn bread, amazing, incredible, would make again for sure! We also had bread in the bread maker again, great as always.
* 2018-04-03 [[EwansSoups |Ewans Carrot Soup]] 1x a repeat and [ Parker's Split Pea Soup] 3x a repeat and [ simple whole wheat bread] except with sugar water instead of honey. The pea soup was great, would make again. The carrot soup was a bit watery (probably my mistake), but tasty enough once we got the sugar in and added some lemon juice. The bread, we couldn't find the loaf tins, so we made it in pots and in cupcake tins, and it was AMAZING, I'd make the "cup breads" or "breadlets" again any time, handy and delicious, plus it reduced the baking time! Also made a loaf of white bread in the bread machine and turned that info garlic rosemark bread, which was delicious as always. Finally, Joseph brought ingredients for [ smores egg rolls], delicious but oh-so-unhealthy!
* 2018-03-27 [ thai green curry] 6x a repeat and [ pineapple fried rice] 1.33x. The curry, spicy and great as usual. 6x was totally the right call - just fits, after things boil down, though with that much veggie there sure is a LOT of chopping! The rice also delicious, but we think the extra freezer frost on the frozen peas/etc added moisture, which resulted in it being a bit mushier. I liked it, but other people apparently think it should have been crisper / more "fried".
* 2018-03-06 [ cheesy vegan potato broccoli casserole] 4x and [ vegan donuts] 2x. Both excellent, would totally make the casserole again, a bit of work but not as bad as you'd think with the food processor to do all the slicing. The donuts were actually easy to make - just get the oil to the right temp. Rolling in the sugar was a bit tricky, injecting the jam surprisingly easy. [ Caster sugar] was just a few dozen seconds in the blender.
* 2017-03-14 [ sweet potato ginger and carrot soup] 3x with garlic bread. Plus [ apple pie] and [ strawberry pie] for Pi Day! The soup was good, even great actually, but we think it could have been made better with some lemon juice to brighten it up. The apple pie we've made before and is good. The strawberry pie was out of this world, incredible, would totally make again. We added 4 cloves (ground) and 1/4 tsp. nutmug to the recipe, and made two open-top pies rather than one closed pie, but otherwise, as written.
* 2017-03-07 [ roasted red pepper pasta] 8x with garlic bread, and [ chewy oatmeal raisin cookies]. The pasta was good - spicy! We added extra nutritional yeast, since it needed something. Not as good as the previous red pepper pasta, I think. The cookies are excellent, nice and chewy!
* 2017-02-28 [ roasted red pepper chickpea and spinach curry] 4x and [ indian yellow rice pilaf] 4x (without the saffron). Both repeats, both awesome, very tasty. And panters [ date [Date squares]] for dessert - totally amazing, we should make these again, best dessert in a long time! We slightly burned the rice. We also tried for aquafaba-based (chickpea water) meringues again, but they didn't turn out so well - edible but not incredible. Apparently recipes vary a LOT for that stuff, and it really matter!
* 2017-02-21 [ baked leek and sweet potato gratin] doubled and [ rutabaga chipotle soup] doubled and [ Chocolate Meringue Cookies with Peanut Butter Cream Centers]. The gratin was great - a little light on the leek (would make twice as many leeks for same scale next time), but super tasty - also, we used about 4x the breadcrumbs it calls for as well, anyway, would make again, not as much work as you'd think, and turned out well. The soup: worst thing I have ever made at hacklab. Had a very nasty bitter taste, which we attempted to fix using olive oil, sugar and salt (all three of which helped), but it wasn't sufficient to get it to even "OK", it was still basically inedible IMO - we ended up tossing 2/3 of it, though a few people did say they liked it. Not sure what the problem was, really, but perhaps subbing tofu for cream isn't a great idea? Or maybe we just got unlucky with the celery, which can sometimes be pretty bitter? The cookies, excellent, but crazy fattening. Gone in 60 seconds :-). But, lots of left over peanut butter cream, about 2x as much as a recipe actually needs - and I'm pretty sure that Panter actually doubled the cookie recipe itself, so that means the peanut butter is actually 4x what you need, which is crazy... 2 cups DID seem like a lot, and it was...
* two missed weeks, Eric was sick. Panter and Roberta did made something in the second week, I think it was a curry? I don't think anything was made in the first week.
* 2016-10-18 [ pumpkin mac and cheese] 3x and [ spicy coconut noodles] 4x and [ vegan pumpkin bread] 2x. The mac and cheese was hearty and good, also HUGE, 3x made the 2 13x9 dishes and 2 of the 9x9, all quite deep. The coconut noodles were excellent, would make again. The bread, I made 3 subs, the most important was oats instead of the whole-wheat flour, then also sunflower seeds and cashews instead of walnuts. Given that, it was delicious and perfect texture, best bread I've ever made here actually, obviously would make again, though it seems like it might be partially miraculous that it turned out so good.
* 2016-10-11 For Thanksgiving: [ Butternut Squash With Whole Wheat, Wild Rice, & Onion Stuffing] 2x and [ Red Quinoa Pilaf with Kale and Corn] 2x and [ Vegan Roasted-Garlic Mashed Potatoes] 3x with [ deep dish apple crumble pie] and [ apple pie by grandma ople] (a repeat) for dessert. The squash was good, not great, but very hard to make (scooping half cooked squash while it's hot? Are they insane?), and took forever, I would not make it again. Also, we couldn't even FIND wild rice, so we subbed some awesome black rice that we found. The pilaf was excellent and much easier to make; 2x made less than half a pot so if I do make it again I'd scale it up more than that - 5x would probably fill the pot. Both pies were good and lasted about 3 minutes :-). The mashed potatoes we served because you can't have thanksgiving without mashed potatoes, but actually we didn't roast the garlic, just put it in with the potatoes while boiling, which was not as good for sure. Next time I'd do it proper...
* 2016-10-04 [[EwansSoups |Ewans Carrot Soup]] (a repeat) 2x and [ Butternut Mac] 2x and garlic bread. Both good, though we had to adulterate the carrot soup quite a bit - not sure why it wasn't as good straight up as last time. 10 lbs bag of carrots was $2, so this was a super cheap recipe! The Butternut Mac was easy and flavorful, but missing something, I just have no idea what - not quite as creamy as real cheese, but that wasn't the problem.
* 2016-09-27 [ Butternut Squash and Roasted Red Pepper Soup] 3x and [ Golden Roasted Curry Mustard Potatoes] 2x, with garlic bread for the soup. Both dishes were *excellent*, would make again. The soup, should have made 4x, it would have fit, and we needed the extra - all the food gone today at 8:15! The potatoes, 2x already filled all four trays in the oven, so not really possible to make more easily. The potatoes, we used way more mustard than they called for - perhaps double, otherwise as in recipe. The soup, we fried the onions and added garlic too, I can't imagine why the recipe doesn't fry the onions!
* 2016-09-20 [ mediterranean baked sweet potatoes] doubled, a repeat and [ kale and apple salad] also doubled. The potatoes awesome as always (and as always, we used at least 3x the sauce, just double the potatoes). The salad was good, but not as good as the previous kale salad (IMO, other people loved the apple in it).
* 2014-12-09 [ Aloo Matar] Quadrupled. Pretty good, would make again. Tried to use the new wok with wok ring, but not enough heat - ultimately had to do the onions in the frying pan and the mix in a large pot, as usual. The potatoes, even though we pre-cooked them in the microwave, ended up undercooked - a little firm, but still good. Would pre-cook them a little more next time (7 min x 2 instead of 5 min x2?, maybe with stirring half-way through). Halved the paprika, as recommended in a comment - great idea, still fairly spicy!
* 2014-12-02 [ Vegan Japanese Curry] Tripled. Good. A lot of extra fluid (6 cups!!), which we just bailed out before serving.
* 2014-11-25 [[EwansSoups |Pea Soup and Carrot Soup]] by Ewan and Eric. Huge quantities of soup, but almost all of it was eaten anyway. Carrot was awesome, pea was merely great. With bread from [ Mabel's].
* 2014-11-18 [ Panang Cucumber Curry] [ Spicy Cucumber Soup] - curry is great, the soup is *super spicy*. Tripled both. Used 7 large english cucumbers total :-)
* 2014-11-04 Korma, hot and sour soup, naan bread, [ coconut barfi], homemade peasant bread, store-bought cupcakes - Chris, Alaina, Eric, Sacha, Max, Gabriel, Will
= Wishlist (future potential dinners / desserts / etc!) =
* [http://dessertswww.wikiaonegreenplanet.comorg/wikivegan-recipe/Galaxy_Bark galaxy barkeasy-cajun-jambalaya/ easy cajun jambalaya] just need with vegan sausages* [ creamy pumpkin risotto with sweet and spicy pepitas] they say to buy the candy melts this make it for thanksgiving, it certainly looks so awesomerich!* [ crazy gourmet twinkies] - should be hilariously fun to follow her recipes...
* [ honey wheat bread]
* [ vegan zucchini pizza] from scratch (cheese and bread)
* [ Lemon and Walnut Linguine With Roasted Broccoli]
* [ west african peanut soup]
* [ chili lentil tacos]
* [ Carrot and Beet Slaw with Pistachios and Raisins] - once we have a machine to julienne veggies!
* [ soymilk from scratch]
* scale & thermometer (both liquid and oven). We borrow them from DIYbio right now, so not urgent.
* spiralizer, like [ this one]