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| June 12, 2019
| Y-axis appeared to be skipping steps, but we found that there was a set screw loose on the timing pulley on one of the sides, so the whole gantry was driven by the belt on one side only. We tightened the set screw and squared the axis. Also, we flipped the timing belt pulley (hub toward the motor) on the Y axis motor so that the belt doesn't touch the motor flange. It's harder to access but it's tightened well and hopefully you won't have to tighten it again. We also retightened all the other belts for good measure. It works well now.
| Misha
| May 2019
| The feeding tube for the filament is too wide (4 mm ID 6 mm OD) and too stiff as a result. The problem is, it pushes on the print head in one direction so when the axis is loose, it is printing skewed towers of pisa, in the direction in which the tube pushes. We fed the wire without the tube so that there is no extra pressure on the axis. Therefore the printing errors average to zero.
We bought a smaller and less springy tube (also PTFE) but we are waiting for someone more knowledgeable to install it.
| Misha