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/* Dinner History */
= Dinner History =
* 2019-07-02 [ mediterranean baked sweet potatoes] an old favorite, 2x. Plus watermelon and bread in the bread maker. First actual open house at the new space, with members of the public coming by and getting tours! The potatoes were amazing, as usual for this recipe. And it feels nice to be fully back in action, though we still have an enormous amount of setup to do!
* 2019-06-26 [ cold noodle bowl with sriracha peanut sauce] 2x and [ vegan raspberry crumble bars] also double and fresh squeezed lemonaide. Very far off recipe for the noodle bowl - the store does not stock hoisin sauce, or snap peas, or sesame oil, or peanuts (only in shell). So I subbed a lot, but it worked out, tasted great. The crumble bars also great, but it was a lot of work! Lemonaide wonderful, would make on a hot day again for sure.
* 2019-06-18 [ gazpacho] a repeat 2x and [ brownies]. The gazpacho was awesome, as always. The brownies, "healthy" since I had to use whole wheat flour. Lol.