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/* Open house */
= Open house =
* 2015-03-10 [ Sweet potato carrot soup] with [ chapati], to use up the sweet potatoes. Tripled. Quite good, and we didn't put any paprika in.
* 2015-03-03 [ mediterranean baked sweet potatoes], it tastes so great! Best dish in the last several months. We tripled the recipe, using 12 larger sweet potatoes - this was way too many potatoes, four dishes, and we just left an entire dish for next week to make soup with. We also should have had way more tomatoes (we had 6 roma), and more sauce as well (we started with 300ml hummus) - the sauce is delicious! When we do it again, I'd say: 9 large sweet potatoes, 9 tomatoes, and 600ml of hummus.
* 2015-02-17 Tibetan Lentil Soup (green, spicy) & Curried Lentil Soup (red) with bagels from Mabels. Both recipes from Roberta's FRESH restaurant cookbook, single each, but we should have made more. The red was awesome, the green was good. Bagels actually worked well, but we needed way more than 8. Green took much longer than the claimed 15 minutes - more like the same 30 minutes as the red, so wish we'd started them at the same time. Somebody brought a gigantic apple pie from costco to end the dinner.