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/* A few random printing tips */
==A few random printing tips==
*Smaller prints will better adhere to the bed than larger prints. If the print hasn't failed in the first 10% of the print job, it will be unlikely to fail after that.
*Use Cubic Infill (Available only in Slic3r prusa edition), as it provides rigidity in all directions [] and doesn't make printer resonate.
*Do not use honeycomb -- as at the speeds of the default settings, it will cause printer to resonate and skip.
*Leaning or drifting prints? Tighten all the belts, especially the Y-axis stepper motor belt. That stepper is prone to becoming loose because the Y-stepper motor puts out more power than the X. A link to a video is in the maintenance section.
*Always store the printer with the X carriage in a corner. (It homes itself to the back left corner anyway when a print is done). But this is to prevent the X and Y axis rods from sagging over time, especially the X axis. It's a known problem, I think, I swear I read it on the internet!
==Octoprint at